Fresh Prints Press

It was all a dream ...

Biggie's "Juicy" is a universal party mantra. When that first beat hits, the vibe in the room lifts, people dance, glasses clink. Young and old alike, the lyrics are just in you. Time check - that song is 23 years old.
My name is Katherine Agate, and I live in Malden, MA. Fresh Prints Press is my baby, melding my hand-lettering with my intense love of 90s hip-hop. Fresh Prints celebrates diversity and creativity through 90s hip-hop goodies, and is my small way of keeping this golden era of music alive and present. I was 12 when "Juicy" was released, and I've been hypnotized by it ever since. I love to sift through song lyrics - there are amazing messages of love, strength and acceptance, and others that are just plain fun and awesome. 
I have selected the ACLU of Massachusetts as the designated Fresh Prints charity to encourage, support, demand a world where all humans are treated equal.