Re: Home Brick Votive Planter
Re: Home Brick Votive Planter

Re: Home Brick Votive Planter

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Re: Home, is our new reclaimed brick votive planter. Made from Bricks salvaged in our community, the Re: Home Brick votive planter transforms what may have become a waste product into a unique accent piece for your home. 

Each of our Re: Home bricks is repurposed by hand in our studio in Cromwell, Connecticut. Each one is a unique artifact from our community, reclaimed from blighted foundations, gardens, walking paths and crumbling chimneys, and transformed into one of a kind decor.

To create Re: Home, each brick goes through a transformation:

  1. We start by scrubbing, cleaning and scouring the brick, removing dirt, and dust.
  2. Next, each brick is drilled, to create the perfect votive for a standard tea light candle.
  3.  We clean each brick again removing dust created by drilling the brick.
  4. Next, we partially fill the planter hole with a watertight concrete.
  5. Each brick is then painted, and laser engraved.
  6. Finally, we seal each brick with water seal, and add cork feet to protect your surfaces!

Each Re: Home Brick votive planter ships with 1 brick, 3 unscented tea light candles, a randomly chosen succulent varietal as well as care tips for your plant. Each repurposed brick is unique, and may not be exactly the color or condition pictured here. During winter months the product will be shipped with a heat pack to keep plants in healthy condition during shipping.